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Virtual Assistant Placement
Service Agreement


We are so excited you’ve chosen to get your time back by hiring a VA with us! We’re excited to support you in focusing on the higher-level, revenue-generating tasks in your business.

This document outlines your purchasing agreement with us. Please take a moment to read through and sign so that we can get started together!

Atlas Assistants LLC will provide Virtual Assistant Services to you, including sourcing, screening, onboarding, training, and managing a qualified virtual assistant. Our VA services are scalable based on your specific needs. Upon signature of this document, you will be provided with one or more pre-vetted virtual assistants (“Assistant”).

Your VA will be available to you during the days and hours agreed to by the Parties for each Assistant. We are here to support smooth onboarding and quickly get your VA up to speed on your business so that you can spend more time doing the things that you love.

We are here to serve you, help you, and provide solutions that equip you with the right support to move faster in your business. We’ll provide you with best practices and advice based on the information you provided in our placement process to make the transition to your new contractor smooth.

So whether it’s getting time back for your business or your loved ones, we can help you get there quickly, and we’ll continue to check in with you and your contractor to ensure it is as successful as possible.


Client Purchase Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into between the Purchaser (“Client” or you)
and Atlas Assistants (“Company” or us), 600 Congress Ave 14th Floor Austin, TX 78701, USA. By entering into this Agreement, Client is purchasing a Company service of Hiring, Training, and Managing a Virtual Assistant. Both Company and Client are referred to individually as a “Party” and collectively as the “Parties” below. You “Client” are hiring us, Atlas Assistants “Company”, to provide you with virtual assistant hiring services. As part of this agreement, “Company” will source, screen, onboard, train, and manage qualified virtual assistants. We will provide you with one or more pre-vetted virtual assistant. The start date of this agreement will be the date on which this agreement is fully executed. This agreement will serve as the official record of our relationship and will outline what both parties can expect from the other.


Atlas Assistants is acting as an independent contractor to you, the Client. Our total liability for claims, losses, costs, or damages – regardless of circumstances – is the total fee paid to Atlas Assistants by the client. We are not responsible for any loss of income, business opportunities, or any errors if they’re the result of incorrect information provided by you, the Client.

You are granting us a limited, non-transferable license to share your name and logo on our blog, website, and other marketing materials.

You, or any related party, are not permitted to directly hire one of our virtual assistant contractors during the term of this Agreement or within eighteen (18) months after your relationship with us ends. If you decide you would like to directly hire one of our assistants, the buyout fees are as follows:


  • Under 1 year of service, the buyout fee is $20,000
  • 12 – 18 months of service the buyout fee is $15,000
  • 18+ months of service the buyout fee is $10,000

At that time, we’ll waive this restriction and you can directly employ the assistant.

You will provide us with all the necessary information they need to perform the agreed-upon services. If not, it may result in dissatisfaction, delays, and/or unfulfilled terms.

You agree to be responsible for reviewing the quality of work (delegated tasks) of the Assistant.

You are allowed to provide access to specialized software and/or provide specialized hardware. If you do so, those tools will be your responsibility and not that of the Company. You acknowledge that you will always maintain administrative rights to any software that you have granted your Assistant access to use and you are holding us harmless for any loss, damage, or misuse.

Our contracts are twelve (12) months in duration with a 30-day notice for termination at any point without penalty.

Both Parties agree to keep all confidential information shared between them during the term of this Agreement strictly confidential. Confidential information includes, but is not limited to, business plans, financial information, trade secrets, and other sensitive information. Both Parties agree not to disclose any confidential information to any third party without the prior written consent of the other Party. The virtual assistant is also bound by these confidentiality obligations.

The Parties agree that this Non-disclosure Agreement binds the Parties from the date set forth on page one of this Agreement and shall continue in effect unless earlier terminated by either Party upon written notice to the other Party. The confidentiality obligations set forth herein will survive any such termination.

All intellectual property rights in any works, materials, or other outputs created by the Assistant during the course of providing services under this Agreement shall belong to the Client. The Assistant agrees to promptly disclose and assign to the Client all such intellectual property rights.


  • The monthly subscription fee is dependent on the package you discuss and sign up for
  • This amount will be automatically charged every first of the month via the agreed-upon payment method. Your Assistant will begin tracking hours on your official start date during the onboarding process, when you, the client, assign your first task to your Assistant.
  • Any additional hours will be billed in addition to the fixed monthly rate at the hourly rate noted below. Company agrees to notify Client prior to any additional hours being billed. Client may request additional monthly hours as needed also to billed at the below rate.
  • You acknowledge the use of, understand, agree to pay, and authorize automatic billing of the subscription fee, as well as any additional hours accrued per month.
  • This fee covers the hiring, onboarding, ongoing training, and management of the Assistant, including up to three replacement Assistants if you are dissatisfied.
  • Your VA will be available based on the agreed and set expectations. Our VA services are scalable based on your specific needs.
  • Extra hours above the current scope of work are billable at a pre-calculated hourly rate.
All team members contracted for a minimum of 80 hours per month will be able to take paid holidays and sick days according to the following policy. All team members contracted for a minimum of 160 hours per month will be able to take paid holidays and sick days as well as vacation days according to the following:
  • Paid Holidays
    • 4th of July
    • Thanksgiving
    • Christmas
    • New Years Eve or New Years Day
    • 3 more International holidays of the team member’s choice
  • Unlimited Sick Days
    • A doctor’s note is required if more than 2 days are taken in a row. Abuse of this policy will result in unpaid sick days in the future (likely termination as this is an integrity breach and out of alignment with our core values).
  • Paid Vacation (if applicable -only for assistants working 160+ hours a month, after 3 months):
    • 10 paid vacation days which should not exceed 5 business days in a row.

All PTO will be paid per day the amount of hours for which the team member has been contracted.


This agreement is made under and must be interpreted and enforced in accordance with, the laws of the State of Texas without giving effect to those principles of conflict of laws that might otherwise require the application of the laws of another jurisdiction.

No waiver of any breach of any one or more of the conditions or covenants of this agreement by either party will be deemed to imply or constitute a waiver of a breach of the same condition or covenant in the future, or a waiver of a breach of any other condition or covenant of this agreement.

I consent to the use of electronic records and have read, understand, and agree to the Client Purchase Agreement.